PS4 - Selling MT 5 USD per 100k

Sorry that i open a new thread but for some reason i can’t edit the thread title.
Here is the Link to the old thread:

Only PayPal family and Friends accepted.
8 USD per 100k


Bump, extremely legit seller here, get your MT filled up if you plan to stay on 2K18 guys


Thanks Fra. I will miss you guys.

Where are you going?

Nowhere but the guys are buying 2k19 :rofl:

Oh I see, come to dark side lol

I don’t know how you guys are keen to stay on this dumpster fire of a game, haha. Even if 19 is as bad, the first few months are still enjoyable with no OP cards and on the my career side, making builds, perfecting your craft. 17 I could see people staying because it was better but I can’t wait to never open 18 again, haha.


I can’t wait to never open a 2k game again. I will engage in real life again and play sport myself :rofl:

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Yeah, what he said :point_up:

I’ll make the most of this game. I can’t ever condone giving 2K another penny.

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Thanks to @Kid_Cosby and @2kballNow i got rid of most of my MT. Still have a few cards i am selling right now. Should have another 300-400k soon.

What cards you selling? Lol

Paul George with grey Kobes, Kobe with Rebounding shoe and Wall with Red Kyries (nur he just sold). All PD

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I was gonna grab that wall actually, wish I did just for the sake of it

THIS. I am counting the days haha

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You still got?

Yes, i am still selling shoes, badges and some other things. But I am at work now.

Bump. Have another 200k, more incoming tomorrow.

Sold out for today. Will have MT tomorrow again if my cards sell over night.

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Bump. Have another 300k to sell.