[PS4] Selling a GO Giannis account (and more)

Just trying to gauge interest at this point :slight_smile:

  • GO: CP3/ Blake/ Malone/ Wilt/ Worthy/ Giannis (Locked in Anni I and II already)

  • Tokens count: 350

I don’t know if anyone would be interested, do throw me a pm if you do. Looking for around $500 at least honestly.

P.S.1 Hey @LuckyKid that might be the end for me :rofl:

P.S. 2 If no one is interested, i will just keep selling mt until i got banned :joy:

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Just sell the mt and keep the account

Might be the move :joy:

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Bro what happened?
Just Sell the MT :rofl:

Trying to get the hammer from 2k again :joy:

Trying to withdraw from the game slowly I guess :smile:


why would you think they ban you ;o

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Haha Just Sell the MT bro.
I might sell this week too lmao :rofl:
But I won’t stop completely

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I thought you wouldn’t be selling off this early man! Aren’t you waiting for the better Prozingis and Robinson cards? :rofl:

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Price range?

Has anyone actually successfully sold an account here? Have seen 20 threads but no confirmations.

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There was a guy that just gave his account to someone. He made a thread and the first person to ask for the account got it. I was a tad bit short…

that was me, but I didn’t have 5 mil MT and 6 opals lmao.

That’s still bad ass though man. You still got that account or did you sell the things off of it?

some guy sold off all the cards and cashed out lime 500k MT. nothing left on it now. I’m in the market for a new account rn.

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How much i need that now

Hahaha I will pack them :rofl:

Bump :slight_smile:

I rmb you from our mt transactions but not the account. Maybe I oversaw your message. You can always drop me an offer :slight_smile:

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Currently also looking to sell off my mt first. Have around 5mil. pm me for details :smile:

Bump :slight_smile: also selling off 4mil mt.