PS4 Remote Play on iOS

Has anyone already tried this? It’s just been released as part of the firmware update.

I’ve been using r-play but it’s a paid app. Works great.

Just read about update. Sounds like you can do it for free now. That’s awesome. Even over LTE, r-play works really well. Can’t play a game but good enough to open packs or scroll AH

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Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking. So not to miss out on rewards/packs glitches.

Yooo need this on Android.

Usually just use the remote play app on my macbook, but if I coudl do it with a virtual controller, on my phne, it’s game over lol

No work gonna get done

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How embarrassing is it for 2K that we are literally making plans in anticipation of their screw-ups. That’s how certain them fucking up has become


R-Play lets you do it over cellular data, PS4 app does not allow you to do that

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Rplay doesnt work for the android reviews are terrible.

Where can you get the remote play app. I don’t see it on the App Store?

Try typing “PS4 remote play”

Wtf. Why did it not work from just “PS4”. Weird stuff. Thanks though!

Still 11.99 on iOS

NVM, definitely free now

Didn’t know that. That is actually key for me since I don’t have access to WiFi a lot of times.

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How? Still looks 11.99$ for me

That’s the old 3rd party app. There is an official PS4 app now.

What’s the full name for it? I only see “PS4 second screen” and “PS4 App”


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its ios only

Kinda glad my wife forced me into this xr now