[PS4] Price drop! Selling MT $6usd per 100k (Vouched Seller)

I’ve got in stock 4 million MT to sell. Im happy to go first in small increments to ensure you I’m legit and don’t scam aslong as its to trusted members in this community.

Im trynna buy some mt bro

Give me a message mate

Vouch, went first, quick easy transaction!

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Big vouch. He went first so he’s definitely trustworthy. Cheap and easy :slight_smile:

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Hello, Is this still available?

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Price drop! $7.50usd per 100k, extra 10k mt on orders over 500k, $68usd per 1 mil.

Vouch! Good transaction

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Big Vouch for the homie

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Big vouch. My man was super fast getting the deal done and totally trustworthy.

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Still have?

Sure do! How much u after?


Sent u a dm!

1.5 mil still left in stock!

I might be looking for 3-500k

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Super vouch! Fast, and communicative. Would buy from in the future

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Still have a little bit of stock left, $7.5usd per 100k, will have more MT later in the week also!

Big vouch for @GOATBaynes

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Restocked with 1.2 mil! Price dropped to $6.50usd per 100k