PS4: Player of the month 12 - 0 Service

Hello, do not have rep here yet, but you can know me under nickname Jurik111, 2 times 250k top4 Qualifer, here is the link to my streams

Doing 12-0s on stream, so you can look at The Process

accepting Paypal and WMZ


2 Glen Rice are maded

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How much do you charge?

So far so good. This @Airupthere1 is pretty cool. He even streams so you can watch. Vouch for him so far. He’s a few games in right now.

It’s nuts No idea why these guys just don’t quit against the @Airupthere1 . The guy is crazy good.

Vouch for @Airupthere1. He completed my 12-0 in a few hours. Great guy. Highly recommend.


Kid must’ve been a lurker lol, cause apparently my post triggered him after that nice spanking @Airupthere1 gave him and he flagged it :joy:

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wtf you are talking about :slight_smile: Just trying to have less spam in thread

He must’ve thought that the kid that your were flooding flagged his post, but it was you. :rofl::rofl:

Oh I was just watching when you were playing I think it was game 4 yesterday and you were up over 30 and the guy still hadn’t quit. My comment was “ Lol, this kid still trying down 30 in the 3rd :joy:” and then I hop back on today any my post had been flagged so I was confused since there was nothing deserving a flag in my comment. GG’s gettin the 12-0 done so fast. Always good to have another 12-0 service on here!

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6 Glen Rice are maded

Hi. Would you make 10 wins for Worthy and accept MT payment?

Can you please dm me, I’m not able to dm anyone at the moment. I’m interested in getting both Wilt and Worthy. Thank you.

Hello, only $ at this moment

Are you available for a 8 game run. 2-0 at present. Can’t PM for another hour. Oh and also Amare I think it as already have Rice and Wilt


Fast 12-0. Huge Vouch for @Airupthere1


Are you still doing 12-0’s

Easy 12-0. Best myteam player.

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