PS4: Pink Diamond Carmelo Anthony with Diamond Contract and Shoe 100,000 MT BID

PS4: Pink Diamond Carmelo Anthony with Diamond Contract and Diamond Grey Jordan Shoe 100,000 MT BID

Added Gold Badges:

Defensive Stopper
Rim Protector
Pick Dodger

3 HR 58 MIN left

Why sell melo bro. He is godly :innocent:

When I was piling up MT, I was pretty stingy with it and only had a couple of high value MT guys; mostly I was running Reward cards. So when I came back from the ban, I decided to try all the guys that I was too stingy to buy- so like Melo was 650K when I was banned, and 100K post ban/ during crash, so I thought I would try him out.

He is godly, BUT I got no MT left! And at this point in the year, I am not gonna make brown shirts and go through all that again. Just not worth it and on June 6, I am moving to MotoGP 19 anyway.

So I just wanna enjoy beating Dom between now and then, and I need MT for contracts and thinking about a shoe and badges for Amy Ariza (who I never bought in my banned account as I was stacking them Tokens). I think I wanna spend some MT and get Amy PJ Brown too (by doing a set). SO yea I just need MT bro, that’s all there is to it. But yea Melo is insane; just a flick of the right stick and he is by his defender and yamming. Or drilling shots from limitless or contested middies. He is a str8 monster, I just can’t afford him.

This is my lineup (talk about low budget!):

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u gonna rock a budget squad for the rest ok 2k19 or this is just ur start?

I am gonna go budget for the rest of 2K19. I spent stupid money at the beginning of 2K19 before I learned about Veronica. Then I was like, “Damn this game is fun and free now, cool.” But now, I am definitely NOT spending any money on 2K ever again (irritated that I got perma ban/ no warning), and I am not in the mood to make an army to see Veronica (and I think they are watching my account anyway so I figure I would just lose what I put more time into anyway).

So that leaves budget as the only option.

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i’ve got a nice budget squad of my own but i’ve got 800k saved for opal season during summer time

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sold off most of my players. can’t wait to get my hands on bird again

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