Ps4/ PD Nique, PD Magic, PD Dr J

About 10 mins left for these cards on the ah
Nique has 99 contracts and curry highs. Also has deep range, defensive stopper, corner specialist, hustle rebounder. Bid is 70k, bin is 77
Magic has the red dunking shoe and 98 contracts. Bin is 54,850
Pd Dr has red Kyries and 97 contracts. Bin is at 74,050.
If they don’t sell I might just put them up for 4 hours, 500 starting bid if no one sends an offer

So magic is reposted for 44,600
Dr j is reposted for 60,000
Wilkins is reposted for 66,000

Also posted Mega-tron-Bron for 88k. He has 96 contracts added to him

Damn that’s what he’s going for…sheesh

He’s one of the cheapest up. 85 k base with 1 contract

Did your Dr. J ever sell?