[PS4] PD Anthony Davis w/ Red Kyries up on AH for 24 Hours

Just posted this card. Will be posting my other cards soon. Enjoy. He has Gold Deep Range Deadeye added as well.

He should fetch over 300k. I just sold one with a gold shoe and a diamond contract for 290k

What other cards are you selling?

Yeah, spill the beans.


Bump, roughly 12 hours left.

Bump, roughly 6 hours left. Can anybody give me a price check?

Price Check: 120k.

So much!

I lied though. Can someone give this man a price check?!

Either you looked at the wrong card Ryan or it just jumped up in price. Only 1 PD AD with Kyries in AH (PS4) and he is at 346k.

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Then I’m already at profit!

Big Baller Brand right there, baby!

Triple B’s!

Danali you will get at least 450k I am sure.

My man…


Less than 5 minutes left!

How much did you get for him?

I’m sad, 350K :frowning:

That’s weak af. Sorry man :confused: