[PS4] PD Anthony Davis w/ Contract + White Kobe’s

Posted this card for 24 Hours. Happy bidding!

u getting MJ?

Nah, just don’t really use AD.

who you use instead? hes my only real PF

I run 99 KD at the starting 4, and 98 LeBron as my bench 4.

I start KD at SF. I like to have a traditonal taller lineup and then my bench is small with Bird at backup PF

Strength doesn’t matter this year, so KD holds his own completely.

You should try out an AD with the grey/yellow Kobes… I had the whites on the first AD I bought, and they are like two totally different cards. 95 ball control… it’s just stupid lol.

I just don’t like AD cards, that’s all lol.

I meant moreso for boards/defense but ur right. AD doesnt feel as good in this yrs gameplay cuz defense sucks