PS4: PD Anthony Davis Diamond Contract Diamond Red Kobe AD

PS4: PD Anthony Davis, Diamond Contract, Diamond Red Kobe AD Shoes

Gold Badges Added:

Limitless Range
Deep Range Deadeye
Pick and Roll Maestro
Lob City Passer
Pick Dodger

100,000 Starting Big
3 hour, 58 minutes

Go get PD AD 20th Anniversary!

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Why are you getting rid of him broski ?

Jumpshot is way too slow and always gets contested even when he has so much room. Post fade is trash and creates 0 separation. So he is forced to post spin, which leads to his getting blocked if he has an equal size guy on him.

I prefer Di Josh Smith for his speed with ball, or Amy KP for his height and shooting over AD. Both are 1/10 the price.

I sold this AD for 450K. I think this is so .overpriced. Yes, statwise he is the only guy who can steal, block, run the floor, shoot 3s, and work the post. But, in reality, it is the release and animtions and his are not great.

I will say his D was great, and when he got slash takeover he was soooooo fast. It’s fine though for 45K I am happy to run Josh Smith, who, statwise is like a clone.


If you want an exact possibly better replacement insert the new diamond towns where your KD was playing.

I got the new diamond KAT for 20k w silver limitless during the KAT code. N without a doubt its the best value ive gotten out of a card all year. N i got hedo for 4k. KAT is great on the boards even in transition great on d. N such a smooooth 3ball and post fade release. Just a steal of a deal considering hes only like 35k