PS4 opal Jordan price check?

Hoping he’s down to 700K or so

He’s up to 1.8 ish

Lol. One ending at 852

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That would’ve pissed me off something fierce

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Lol I’m not home and looking to pick him up when I get back tomorrow, hope he stays at 850 or drops even more

Weekend he should be high. Just strike during the week.

The Opals are flooding the AH daily. And people only have until Friday for the 23 limited Jordan’s.

I’m catching him at 600k or less.

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I wonder how low he will go. Maybe 550K?

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Got him for 750K about an hour ago, PS4.


He’s dropping.

Almost home baby

What price do you all think Jordan will settle at?

I think over the next week or 2 he settles at 600k or less. In 3 weeks 300- 400k.

Shit one with a Diamond contract and shoe going for 720k PS4.

Looks like 700-750k is what he is now on PS4. People paid 1.5 million on the day he dropped and as recently as saturday. Knew he would plummet theres too many being pulled.

Got him last night for 680k

why do u say 300-400k in around a month? i feel like he’s a big name and with prob a limited amount of opals i doubt he’ll drop too far

I think the Opal Gates are open. Theres always something shiny and new coming.

2k made millions off these packs and still raking it in. Oh more Opals are coming.

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650k PS4

It’s happening boys.

I agree 2k prolly took notice of this and most likely the money they made off of jordan will lead us to the rest of the Ann players being opals and whatever else they release after this have some sort of opal attached to it

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