[PS4] Offering $65 12-0 Service If Done today

Still waiting on someones list to do my 12-0, if anyone does 12-0 for people and has vouches I’d be willing to pay more than normal if they can get it done for me today.


Sorry bro I’m booked up all day got like 28 games left

@FFLighto @BigDan8


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Appreciate it everyone I think everyone’s booked up

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Rice is still available tomorrow yeah? What’s the rush for 12-0?

I never got the other players either so I guess it’s more about them

Just in case you’re unaware you don’t get all the rewards for going 12-0. Just the top one (rice).

If you want all the rewards you need to hit each win amount on a separate run. So to get all the POTM you would need 72 wins I think.

Apologies if you know this. But yeah a 12-0 run right now gets you just rice, who is still available until the end of the month :slight_smile:


Thanks I knew but that just put it in perspective of how many wins I’d need to get everyone. I wanted to at least get Wilt but I realized they’ll probably be another opportunity later.