[PS4] Need 1 more for a 4-Man Friendly Draft

Following restrictions:

1 PD
2 D
3 A
4 R

No 5-out or majority off-balling. Try to play as sim as possible. We need 1 more person before we draft (will draft very soon).

Duplicate players not allowed.

Only one? I’m definitely interested

Yes, we just need one more. No scummy play though.

Trust me, that whole thing has been hashed out on my end… ask @Ryan if you need a vouch. Hopefully “scummy” wasn’t in reference to anything you’d heard about me?

He’s Gucci.

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It’s gonna stick with you forever no matter what :slightly_smiling_face:
Apparently I’m a steal spammer lol
Edit: yes I’m steal salty

You are though. I can be too. Let’s not get too cancerous though fellas. Lol

PS: I taught Delano

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Eh, there are worse things that can stick with me. If people are afraid of me running a zone or 3pt plays for the rest of eternity, that just makes it easier to rebound and dunk :slight_smile:

I assume roster restrictions will be same as the historic team tourney (primary/secondary positions only)?

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Not sure if @DaNali has announced any rules yet

We don’t need another. Apologies all!


So am I in or out? @DaNali


Just let me know, If you’ve decided to forge ahead with three (or bumped me for someone else as a fourth), I’ll kick off/join another draft later on.

We were getting impatient with hoosier, but he finally responded. Apologies mate.

Dang. Well, I bumped my original one. If you decide to expand, def let me know. I’m only playing this & God of War on PS4 right now so I’ll be around.