[PS4] NBA 2K20 MyTeam All-Time Tournament

~2KG NBA 2K20 All Time Tournament~

Commissioner: @Kobe6Rings

Bracket: (Click to Enlarge)

Follow along live. https://challonge.com/zp3tyad4

Rounds 1, 2 and 3: Single Elimination

Semifinals and Championship: Best of 3

–Please send me the final Box Score via PM and you can also post it in the chat but please make sure I get it just so its all in one place.

–Send me screenshots of the minutes as well if you think there were any wrong doings regarding playing time.

–I encourage each game to be streamed if you can. It helps to see what actually took place and it would build interest and excitement on the site.


Salary Cap/Roster/Minutes:

  • Galaxy Opals – $5
  • Pink Diamonds – $4
  • Diamonds – $3
  • Amethysts – $2
  • Rubies – $1

Regarding Free Agent cards, they would fall under wherever their overall does with the other ranks. For all TTO & Domination rewards they are in the tier below their actual in-game gem. For example, GO Dominique would be a $4 PD.

Regarding who is allowed to play on each team, I think we should keep it simple to any of the below 4 criteria…

1. …is currently on the team
2. …his card has the team’s logo
3. …has played a minimum of 3+ full seasons with the team (41+ more games played qualifies as a “full” season for simplicity)
4. …has won a major end-of-season accolade with the team such as (MVP, FMVP, ROTY, or DPOY, All NBA, All-Star)


:slight_smile: I’m excited!

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Is this only for 2k19? Or did you mean 2k20?

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I’m in and you already know what team I want

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Damn this is a dope idea…
Wish someone would do it for Xbox!

damnit i wish there was an xbox version

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Corrected it - 2K20.


Bol Bol is going to be a problem lol.

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set it up and im in

We haven’t been on 2kg long enough.

@Carlo221 set this up so you can lose in the first round with lakeshow

@MrBlunty @RodSquad @billyincognito @lmblmb @HarryLundt

Let’s get it poppin


i agree

Fuck I want a Xbox all time tourney lol

I’d also rock a current team myteam tourney too. But alas y’all on PS4. Hope it goes well dude !


Just got him today :grin: I have a pretty sweet Nuggs lineup ready to go

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@Kobe6Rings @DEG @kinsman @Ryan @Manulous

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Happy you got the AH back!


damnit if we did it i would want the raps. i suppose i could settle for the clippers

We could play for it haha

I won’t be on for like an hour – so if you try to reserve a team and it isn’t shown on my first reply, please check the comments above yours to see if somebody else has already reserved the team.

First come, first serve.

Damn don’t know if I have enough to construct another team

Interested in the heat/okc