PS4 My League Online - Spots Remaining

We still have a couple spots remaining. Preference to long time forum members who are sim oriented players. Please message me if you’d like to join. Note that draft already happened, so you would be picking a CPU drafted team. 300k MT prize to winner.

League & Gameplay

  • 1 season with 58 games / Playoffs: Best of 3
  • HOF Settings
  • Randomized Fantasy Draft with Current Rosters and No Injuries
  • CPU games will be simulated as automatic wins
  • On-Ball Defense required (excludes obvious situations like transition, PnR or sniffing out a play call).
  • 1 up/down out of position from primary position only (i.e. Ben Simmons can play PG/SG or PF)
  • No Full-court press unless trailing in 4th
  • Can customize team name/location/jersey/playbook
  • 300k MT prize to winner


  • Available for all players regardless of age (we’re only playing one season)
  • Every 5 User-Played Games: 10 attribute points and 2 badge upgrades (no upgrades to HOF)
  • Attribute Caps Per Player … 90-99ovr = +5pts | 80-89ovr = +8pts | 79 and below = +12pts


  • 1 CPU Trade per season (can’t include draft picks)
  • Unlimited human to human trades
  • ALL trades will be reviewed for fairness (general guideline is they will be rejected if overalls are not close…for example, you won’t be allowed to trade Lonzo Ball for Marc Gasol just because CPU values youth post-draft).

Bump…only a few minutes left if anyone is interested.

Raps with the first pick !!!

Bump. Is anyone tired of the My Team grind and cheese fest? Do you want to play some good sim games with the chance to win 300k MT?
Let me know as we got a few spots remaining in the league and some good teams available.

Can I get in

Yes. Sending a PM

Is there still time to join?

Yes sending you a PM

Sure. I’ll take the Magic

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Sent you a PM

Okay I’m in.


I want in please


Bump. Couple spots remaining.