PS4 - My League Online - SimNation Recruiting New Members

Season 2 of our league is beginning next week. We are looking for new active members. Let me know if you’re interested in joining. Any competition level is welcome, but you must be willing to follow the sim-oriented gameplay rules and you must be active (10 games per week). 2kgamer references include: @OGxSuave @Bubba @Manulous @getbuckets @pascalsiakam @Eddysbg @KJ1017

Who We Are
SimNation began in February 2019 and we have successfully run 10+ leagues and 25+ seasons since inception. We have a core group of 20+ very active members and our goal is to be the best My League Online on PS4. We believe in Sim-Oriented basketball: this is not My Team or Park. SimNation is for users who want a slower, sim-oriented and realistic NBA gaming experience. Unlike most other MLOs, we aim to keep teams as balanced as possible as that promotes the most league activity over time.

League Overview
• Well-organized Discord server
• Very active and competitive league; the average member plays 10-15 games per week
• Each league lasts up to 3 seasons; each season lasts 2-3 weeks; then re-draft
• 58 games per season; best of 3 playoffs
• HOF Custom Sliders / 6 minute quarters
• Unique Upgrade and Rewards System
• Customized progression & regression sliders
• Fast, efficient, 1-day offseason

Gameplay & Rules
• On-Ball Def required
• No Zone Defense
• Position limited to actual primary/secondary position
• Must run plays/freelances majority of game
• No Spamming! No spamming 1 play, move, player or paint
• Fast Break Rules to limit fast breaks outside of blocks and steals

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Best league here join up

Great league.

Such a fun league. Very competitive group in there.

What’s the criteria for “spamming”? So basically you can’t match up hunt? Can’t play like Harden or Bron in the playoffs?

You absolutely can within reason. You get 17 FGA limit with one player in a game. But you can’t do like 17 Isos or 17 hop steps or 17 drop steps.

You can check out a stream from earlier today Round 1 of playoffs to get an idea of how it looks.

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Yo i want to be in my psn is Rreina_Sera

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Is this a 17 fga average for the season? Or just a hard cap per game. Only asking cuz I participated in a sim league before and it was a per game basis

Per game otherwise if it’s average it’s too easy to exploit. And truly any idiot can dominate with an OP superstar when using regular rosters.

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BUMP! Hit me up if you’re interested in trying a different (and imo the best!) 2k experience out there.

Season 2 of our league has begun. Currently recruiting wait list members for when a spot opens up. DM me if interested. Full League Details at top of this chain:


Our next League, with Fantasy Draft is starting up. Draft is Monday night. Must be active and must be willing to follow sim oriented rules (run plays, limited fast breaks). All skill levels are welcome.

PM me if interested for an invite to our discord.

BUMP. Let me know you want to play some more sim oriented less cheesy 2k.

Can I join this? How do I get started?

Yea definitely. I just had a baby so I’m briefly retired but the league remains. I’ll send you a link to the discord shortly. The admins will be able to help you out once you sign in

Do you guys use freelances?

Yea, freelances and plays are run the majority of the game.

Still have spots? Id like to join if y’all do

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Yup, feel free to join the discord and we’ll get you set up: