[PS4] MT LuckyKid Store πŸ˜‡ [100% Trustworthy]

The Store is Back!!

Selling MT:

To Finance my Law School Tuition Fee
Please Help me Achieve my Dreams :innocent:


$10/100K min 500K purchase

Mode of Payment: Paypal Only

Thank you very much & Godbless :innocent:


How much is 200k for me lmao

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Imma give it to you for free :innocent:

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I’ll knock if needed :kissing_closed_eyes:

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No problem! Always ready :innocent:


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Haha there is no such thing mi amigo :rofl:

Worst kept secret , either way big vouch from my end :slight_smile:

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Haha Thank you bro much appreciated :innocent:

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When you buy from @LuckyKid ur scamming 2K. If u hate 2K, buy his MT. Vouch!


Hahaha Thank you very much bro!
Much Appreciated :rofl:

Lol , I like how you edited the title to 100% trustworthy … I guess your omnipresence on this site is trustworthy enough.

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Haha yeah but not everyone is always here

so they might not know me

even if I’m here 24/7 :rofl:

We should have a badge for it. That will allay a lot of concerns that buyers have

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That’s a really good idea bro.
Like trustworthy badge or something.

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Yup a lot of scammers on here lately because this site has grown in popularity

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Yes damn those scammers dirtying the name of the site tsk tsk

Especially on :goat: box

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That’s really sad to hear man :pensive:

Vouching for this guy. MT also comes with pack luck :smile: