[PS4] MT For Sale šŸ”„ (Trusted Seller)

300k to sell

800k available

700k to sell, $15/100k

smoove sailing here

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Have bought from him several times, always a smooth transaction. Guy is legit.

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300k left to sell


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300k available, $15/100k

Fast and easy transaction. Recommended

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Soldout for now

600k available

Great to deal with. Vouch!

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700k available

I wish you were $3-$4 cheaper per 100k. Iā€™d buy it all.

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Good on him for posting a decent rate. I get it guys want cheaper but common , the value has to go back up at some point or later when you want to sell it will sell for $3/100k at the rate things were going. lol.


600k available, $15/100k

Very smooth transaction!!

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400k available

Bought from this dude several times, always quick and easy. Big vouch for him.

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