Ps4 MT for sale $9 per 100k (discount for bulk)

$9-100k for first 5 buyers if you leave a good review please


PayPal Please

PM me :slight_smile:

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I would like to purchase 20$ worth of mt.
How would we transfer the mt to each other and communicate

pm’d you!

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I’m new so wdym

Hella quick transaction

Super easy to work with

Thanks bro!

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Bet these the PS4 prices I know and love.

Guess so, didn’t sound like you were asking when you syh at me (shook your head lol)

Water under the bridge bro

I removed mine as well as to not derail the thread

Much respect, I do definitely see from your point of view as well

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Sorry if I caused any drama guys, definitely not my intention. Still have MT if anyone is in need.

Can I get 200k?

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Yes, can do at $9 per right now.

Fast and easy. Will vouch

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Thank you! Ready to go now for anyone else.

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Thank you. Very easy and pleasant transaction.

Bought 2 Mill from @Mountainme , he went first. Deal went smoothly considering we were dealing with extreme laggy BS servers. Thank you for your patients, it was a pleasure dealing with you. Thank you :wink:

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Thank you, very easy transaction.

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On early today if anyone wants.

Big Vouch for this guy legit fast!!! Good guy right here