[PS4] MT For Sale! ($10/100k)

Changed my prices, and above is my previous thread if you want to check my vouchers and stuff! I’ll be on all day, so PM me if you’re interested in buying. :smile:

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nice price

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It begins :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’m Trying to unload before it starts selling for nickels and dimes :joy:

And just like that, sold out. I’ll make sure to update when I get more MT guys. :pray:

Got 50K right now, can sell for $5 and will cover 10% tax!

300k in stock :cowboy_hat_face:

How much can I get for 10$

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Can I buy 100k

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100k left :partying_face:

350k back in stock, $8 per 100k :+1:


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$7.5 per 100k :flushed:

Sold out, will update when I have more :partying_face:

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Back in stock, pm me :+1:

400k in stock, selling for $7 per 100k now :cowboy_hat_face:

Vouch for my guy :slight_smile: legit

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All sold out! :slight_smile:

Will update when there’s more in the future!

200k in stock, $14 for all

Sold out, will update in the future! :slight_smile: