[PS4] MT $8 per 100K

Message me whenever. Payment preferably via Venmo for U.S. based transactions, and PayPal for overseas. I have plenty of vouches, request them if you wish.


Klay for Josh Smith?

PM lol

Selling or buying?

Sellin’ Sir

@DaNali Ryan is a bad boy now :slight_smile:

Jesus Christ. @Ryan, you cashing out?

You gone now?



Nah, not cashing out. I spent the week sniping like a madman to try and recoup a fraction of my investment, lol.

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If youre sticking around its still the move to get what you want and cash out now. If you need anything later, MT will probably be so fucking cheap. This is smart.

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What if you want everything lol?

Where there is a will, there is a way.

One of the most trusted guys here. Come get this MT :joy:

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Just imagine how much you’d have if you didn’t spend 200k+ on those diamond Magic’s or imagine if you did, and the price had rebounded. :frowning:

500k+ lol, lost over 200k though so you’re right. I lost millions this year, collectively. Fortunately I could lock-in at times and grind a ton out of the AH though.

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Price cut! Lol

Not selling huh?

No demand for MT. Bennitez was the last to get a decent price.

Still selling Ryan?