[PS4] LTB Ruby Jonathan Isaac w/ Grey/Orange Kobe's

Will pay around 100K for such a card. PM for details. Willing to pay a little less for him with Red Kyrie’s or the White/Gum Kobe’s.

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I think @6thManSam had white gums he was trying get 25k for. There was one up for like a whole day last week for 17.7

Grey Kobe’s are the shoe I want the most on him. 86 BC always scares me lmao.

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I feel you his release is awesome anyways. I thought you were after that swb but ball control is key

Grey Kobe’s has SwB too though – who says I’m not after it :wink:

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Good luck on the search. I looked forever to find him with that shoe and he always eluded me :frowning: