PS4- Looking to buy PD Magic

No you shouldn’t because I want him :slight_smile:

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Yeah okay :grin::grin:,ill back down unless i see him for cheap :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

Does anyone know how much the last few PD Magic cards went for on PS4?

One just went for 600k with currys


Literally about 15 min ago lol


Prices are going down,Jordan at 500K,melo for 350K,bid at 500K,hopefully i can get him for 600-900K

Did you get him @Turnip?

If you’re a sim player PD Magic is by far best playmaker in a game.
He’s big and strong like SF’s which people notorious use in PG spot, but you can still have this unique felling that you play “right way”.
He’s vision,run plays ability and flashy passes effectiveness are non comparable.

“Worth” of this, card is hard to describe.
Depends on what " mind stage" of the game you are.
He’s overpriced one hand when you look to all new PD’s that you can buy for 25k, but the unique and rarity always make some magic in this mode,isnt’t?

I packed him,when people payed more that 2mil for this card, and he changed whole game perspective for me.
So now selling him for 500k is not “worth” it, and I’m saying this when I’m pretty sure 2k will drop him again and he will get a huge drop in price terms.

One thing is certain PD Magic is a whole different card than D.
Dunking,driving, HoF catch a shoot,3’s works perfect.

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I feel the same, weird.

I sold a Lebron for 740k 2-3 days ago lol hold the record of the week i guess.

You sold 8# pd kobe?

Na. I wasn’t even playing MT when it came out.

There is one in the auction house with contract and red dunk shoe.
22 hours left.

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