PS4- Looking to buy PD Magic

Sold my PD Magic a couple weeks in anticipation for LeBron but I miss Magic so now I gotta get him back.

Still looking for a Magic. I missed the one that was posted yesterday because I fell asleep =(

:frowning: someone please list one.

No ‘evil laughter’

I have the rarest card in the game (besides those BS domination cards 2K handed out to compensate people).


You hurt me feels :frowning:

You have PD shaq?

Nope, somebody on Reddit posted that there are over 10 PD Shaq’s on PS4. I’ve played against only one of them online. I have PD Kobe :slight_smile:

What number is your Kobe?

He’s 7 – has Red Kyrie’s too.

Oh you got the one in the AH yesterday,is he better than the TB Kobe?

Probably not. But he’s bald with the #8 and is much better (in terms of fluidity) than the 98. Haven’t used the PD 24 yet, but he’s most likely better. Mine has a much lower cap and looks cooler, which is all I care about.

That and how I probably won’t play against this card in Supermax.


I miss the 8

The bald Kobe with #24 has a fucked player model. You’d be surprised at how much better 8 looks with him.

I use to have those adidas Kobe’s with the 8 on the tongue. Still my favorite shoe I’ve ever owned to this day.

To PD Magic owners,Is PD Magic really worth his price

Yes. Personally he’s the best card I’ve used and I’ve used pretty much every card including the limited edition Pd Kobe.

Is he better than PD LBJ?if yes should i downgrade my PD Bron to Heat Bron with grey kobes to go after PD Magic?

I run plays so Magics dimer feels better than LeBrons but if you like to iso than you’ll probably like lebron better

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I run plays most of the time,i dont really iso that much(1-3 times a game)should i go after him?