[PS4] Looking to buy MT

[PS4] Looking to buy MT

If anyone still has MT available on PS4 pm me, I’m interested in buying up to 500k or more depending on price. I don’t mind going first if you have vouchers. Thanks

ps4 mt is like $15 rn

No it’s not lol

Lol Big C Richy said that in his stream all over the place today because he buys off Goldah, thats where that info came from.

lmk where ur consistently buying it for less than $12 today lol

going rate i’d say is $9-11 depends on seller. it was $7-8 like a week ago so it rose a bit

ill give you a giant hug if you can point me to where that’s at because everywhere is at least $13

hug me cause i just sold for $10-11 just now :joy::joy:

but ps4 has been cheaper than xbox as of late

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there’s a reason there’s a surge in ppl posting about wanting to buy Mt because it’s too expensive elsewhere

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that’s true but i’m not gonna complain about missing out on $8 total. i just hope the people i sold to enjoy the MT


Bump. Looking to get some MT. 200k to 400k. Pm me