(PS4) Looking to buy 400-600k MT

Wanting to buy some mt asap, have been buying from users on reddit, but they are currently dry. Depending on the offer, I want to buy up to 600k, I’m around all day today so just pm me, thanks!

Did you get paid ? Payday? jk lol

There is some guys selling PS4 MT on here right now.

Nice one Walter White :point_up:

Hahaha I get paid Wednesday bro, and thanks I’ll hit some sellers up I see posting

There is a couple of guys on Reddit too. Did you buy off them?

Yea I looked but a lot of them don’t have as much as I want to buy

That aaxxee2000 guy said he had a lot. Maybe he sold it all lol.

hes Only on Xbox lol, a couple guys hit me up but when I ask for rep they go ghost

Oh right my bad lol. Xbox guy lol. Well best of luck.

Do you have rep? like for buying ?

I don’t, not really sure how to get rep, guess I need to make a rep thread. I do have 2 Reddit users I copped from that can vouch for me though, and I don’t mind going first anyway it’s not a problem

Oh ok well good luck in your search.

Whats your user name on Reddit if you don’t mind me asking?


On a sidenote, just got 500k from GGG! Very quick and easy transaction!

Congrats man :+1:

To get rep , posting on Sellers pages gives you rep as well. So in here in GGG’s sales thread you post that you bought and whatever and that gives you rep as well. You don’t really need to make a page as anyone who looks into your history can see you bought… Always helps to have your own page though. I have had many customers ask me to post on their rep pages too after deals.