[PS4] Looking for signature series Klay T

Looking for the splash bro signature series Klay to complete my all time warriors squad

I’ll sell him to you (has a diamond contract as well), if you have PD Kyrie or Melo you’ll sell me lol.

I feel like Pd kyrie and melo are just rotting in collections never to be used again. I caved and went with the JR and Melo duo lol

Damn man lol. Oddly enough I actually just picked up PD Kyrie a couple days ago! Been searching for that one too for what seemed forever


Made me eat my words lol. Still though you know there are cards out there just collecting dust

Lmao, I did but you are completely right on that one.

Yep, rotting away. Never to be used again most likely because odds are they’ll be playing ‘19 in 4 weeks!

What’s the point of even playing this game when emerald Dion Waiters is faster with-ball than Perfect Jordan in a Schedule Challenge on All-Star, and receives the foul call every single time you press square?

Gotta love how hard at least some of the content is! I run squads against the top 3 all-time teams. It’s fun… not a true challenge but if you play sim then it is fun.

I’m feeling equalized right now against this current Heat team lol.

Sapphire Dragic hitting contested floaters over diamond Kareem…

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You’re doing the schedules? I am probably too late because I need to collect current cards. Can you use historic and moments cards for the requirements?

You can use any cards for the player requirements. You can also use any silver or gold set cards for the final few challenges of each schedule.

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I never dumped my silver or bronze current cards. Now I’m set for every team schedule.
I expect cards to be harder and harder to come by as less people play. @DaNali the heat challenges in this game are always tougher than other teams. And the lakers for some reason. Yet you can smash the warriors no problem

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I have completed 21 challenges so far…the hardest was heat but regarding all time(no30) it was the bucks and the pelicans.The rest even my 8 yeR old son with one diamond squad can win them.

How does your schedule challenge team look? I am running schedules right now too.
That’s my 76ers challenge squad:

Yes, they will be tough to get. Happy that I never sold a single silver or gold moments card. I have them all. Maybe we can rotate them between us when I am done.

My starting 5 is: silver ben simmons, gold nick young or gold danny green, gold melo, gold porzingis and silver bender or maker. The melo zingis duo is pretty good: try to use them! The bench is usually silver mike james and then 7 players of the team i’m against

Gold Caris LaVert is nasty too.

I normally run:

Gold Ben Simmons
Silver Buddy Hield (duo)
Silver Andre Iguodala
Gold Kyle Kuzma
Silver Willie Cauley-Stein (duo)

Gold Caris LaVert

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I played that one yesterday too lol. 2k made CPU Dragic the best player in history for some reason.