(Ps4) looking for diamond rondo

Trying to finish kg

I got him. What you willing to pay?

150k, does he have a shoe?

Nah he doesn’t. I bid on one when I was trying to get him at first but wasn’t at home to increase the bid after I was outbid. I really like him so idk if I wanna get rid of him though… I’m hoping a diamond Jrue comes out and if he does I’ll sell Rondo.

I gotta be honest I don’t think that’s going to happen. I can’t wait to try Rondo. I am still salty I missed one this weekend for 100k on a live bid because of the AH delay

Yeah I don’t think it’s gonna happen either man. But I’m gonna keep hoping and if he isn’t there in the next update he probably won’t get a diamond this year. Are there no Rondos up though?

Just 1, 22 hrs left, 103,200

I’ll give you 200k

Damn it you guys :tired_face:I sold my rondo like yesterday. I even posted here to advertise. Why didn’t you guys buy it from me lol. Needed as much MT as I could get for the all time team.

What did he sell for?

168k, which isn’t the best lol

Dude i got 146k on xbox and he had a curry shoe and diamond contract. I wish i coulda got 160 + lol

Damn. Guess the market for PS4 is different. Mine was on PS4.

Are rondos rare in the Xbox market?

Broke ass Xbox users lmao. Jk, but seriously y’alls market is dodoo. Must be a much smaller community. I wonder what the ratio of PS4 to Xbox users is.

Yes. When i put mine out it was the only one out. I watched the market for 2 weeks.

I also picked up a kareem for 210k. Which is CHEAP even by xbox standards. Market is super weird

Omg dude that reminds me I missed a KAJ for 230k b/c of that blasted auction house delay!!!