[PS4] Looking for a partner for Evo Bruce Bowen Steals

[PS4] Looking for a partner for Evo Bruce Bowen Steals

I need 147 steals with Bowen, I’m looking for someone on PS4 to go back and forth getting steals. Let me know if you’re interested

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I’m looking for someone as well on the northeast servers

You still need a buddy?

Are you in the northeast?

Need to final evolve drexler (might do that clamb god too) and i only missing 65 steals pm me IG it you still need a cool bud :sunglasses: , i’m on PS4 , ID: LBJ_of_Poker , i’m from france , Bayonne :beers:

How do you do this guys? Where do you partner up? In multiplayer - play with friends?

need one as well if you havent found one

People do it in MTU or the Multiplayer Challenge for Tokens since there might be less people searching

Are you in Toronto by chance?

I’m interested won’t be available till like 5 EST though. NA north east here

im in cali brother

I’m in Toronto. Looking for steals partner tonight

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I didn’t know you were from the six lol

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My username and avatar don’t quite make it as obvious as yours haha, but yeah I’m in Toronto. I think theres a decent amount of ppl on here from Toronto

Yeeeee. Mannn it’s tough seeing gasol play like a fuckin pylon eh.? That bucks game was tough to watch. Crazy they came back. Hoping the boys come back and play a good bounce back game come Wednesday. Big break in between games

Anyone on West want to try this?

I just got Bowen :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Alright guys. I gotta get a decent group in 2k20

Bump. Anyone wanna get steals done for Bowen?

right here boss

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I’m keen if there’s anyone needing help and vice versa here in Australia to help with time zones