Ps4 looking for 200k mt

Can someone help me out n advise me of the current going rate for 200k mt? Also who’s selling? I won’t be home for another 2 hours or less but I’ll be looking to cop some mt when I get there :slight_smile:

Rates on here range from $20-25 for ps4 MT.

Do you have any for 20$? 25 is too much

Looks like he is selling for $20/100k :slight_smile:

This is not a vouch it is just directing you to someone that is selling PS4 MT right now.

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I was a little sceptical of a guy with zero likes given or received though

Ok well maybe you have enough rep to buy? Or do small increments.

Yeah I’d like to think I have great rep, I’ve never done anyone wrong and actually given people mt for free lol

Going first is for you guys to work out lol.

I am not vouching for him because I have no clew who he is and have never dealt with him but if you have rep on here I could see him maybe being willing to go first as long as you deal in increments. Increments are always best if you are in the same Country. Its a pain when you live in Canada like me and most people live in the States or elsewhere other then Canada lol.

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@jusbro92 your an NHL guy right? 19 looks dope! Can’t wait

Yah but EA will fuck it all up like usual lol. Really hope people will actually like 19 because a lot of guys hated 18 lol.

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17 and 18 have been insufferable

Well 17 was great actually. Everyone liked that game. EA decided to slow everything down in 18 thinking that makes it more sim like but all it did was piss everyone off lol.

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Can vouch for @MelloMania. Didn’t sell me any mt, but he did a 10k giveaway and gave me the mt almost immediately.

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I’ve both bought and sold guys I have vouches.

@Sohodon and @devasta8or619 are two I can think of off the top of my head, oh and @PTV

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@mellomania is a good dude and great seller. Plus he helps out with advise too and is a great member on here!

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Thanks brother I appreciate that

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No worries! Seriously you and most of the people on here have been extremely helpful!

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@hansolo916 is a good guy in my book, thanks for the deal man.