PS4- Looking for #1/7//9/11 Klay

If anyone on the forums has either # 1,7,9,11 out of 52 Klay, I’ll buy it if you want to sell it!

Lucky #7!

I have #1.

I have 7/8 Kobe and 23/52 Klay.

Wanna list him =)?

Hmm… It’s kinda cool to have 1/52… I get why you want it. How much are you pledging? :thinking:

Hmmm… 100k?

100k. It has a diamond contract. I’d need more.

How much do you want?

If you put it up for bid I’ll bid 120 as starting?

You can only do 100 as a max.

No I meant if doesn’t put a buy now I’ll place a bid of 120

It will only go to 50MT over what the current Maximum Bid is. Somebody would have had to place a max of 119,950 for you to be able to bid 120K.