PS4 James Worthy Red Kyrie Shooting Shoes

Does anyone have one of these. I’m looking for one.


I have him with diamond Curries. But not sure if i want to sell him🤔

If you do I am very interested

I’d be interested too… Haha

I had my fun with him. It’s time to move on and use something different. I can list him when i get home (maybe 2 or 3 hours).
I will still use him in my Amy squad though. Great card.

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If you do want to list him let me know. I’ll grab him

I can list him in 2 or 3 hours when i get home. Since i paid slightly over 100k i will list him with starting bid 100k. I also badged him with DRD, corner specialist and limitless.
You prefer 4h, 12h or 24h auction?

Which Curry’s?

4 hours

I think those with driving layup and not those with acceleration. Everything else is the same (+9 all 3 pointer and swb).

@anon11689187 @trala7
I just auctioned Worthy for 4h. Good luck getting him.

on PS4?


Damn, this Worthy would be nasty!!! Too bad I’m poor as fuck, or I would place my bid :sweat:

50 minutes to go if anyone is interested.

Stuck at work should’ve made it a little later

Theres another one up

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