PS4 is like the NBA with the Lakers CP3 trade

I can’t run the squad that I want because the PS4 crashes the app before the game starts. I can’t have PD Kobe, PG, and Dr.J together in a lineup, but I can run PD Tracy and PD Kawhi with ONE of the three mentioned above. I’ve hit up 2K about this, but they’re trying to put it on Sony. Such bull💩!!! Dr. J is amazing at SG btw.

Does anyone else have the lineup app crash issue?


As i mentioned in my last msg here CE-34788-0 Error Ps4 They actually accept it, nothing on Sony here. I keep pushing for a free copy of k19 seriously.

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Btw record videos with your phone (crash must be proved, Ps4 record can’t show the crash obviously) and ask for MT for the contracts u spent, i got 100k. U may need a video converter for a smaller video size to attach it in support msg or upload it on your Youtube account and share the link.

I did that.