(PS4) Fully Badged Diamond MJ w/ Diamond Contract & Diamond Dark Blue Air Jordan XXXI Low

Reposted on the AH for 100K BIN.

Air Jordan XXXI Low (Dark Blue)
+9 Open Mid
+9 Open 3
+9 Passing Accuracy
+9 Acceleration
+9 Hands

Have the same card and shoe combo. Since I’m not getting PD mj I can’t let this one go since I grew up going to his games.

I didn’t want to sell him but I already have PD Tmac and 98 Kobe so I had to let him go unfortunately.

I have both + 98 kd and still cling to him despite game meta telling me otherwise lol

Lol all good. Honestly it was really hard for me to sell him but I really need another center right now so I had to do it.

Less than 5 minutes left!

I’m stuck with Hakeem and admiral at center. Not a bad way to be stuck I guess though.

Lol yeah you’re fine at center. Wish I could add PD DRob to my team but I started way to late on the weekly challenges unfortunately.

Reposted for 100K BIN. Just can’t sell it for any less than that. Less than 4 hours remaining.