PS4 Friendlies

Looking for games rn. Would love to try this new boogie. But will use either squash


I’ll play. I’m pretty ass though.

What’s ur PSN. I’ll use my Kings team. I’m pretty average

Down to play but can’t rn

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HMU tn

Ill play im on right now. Psn same as my user

You can use your normal team. I’m gonna use mine.

Lil drunk btw so kinda giving out free w’s

I swear I e played you in tto before

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Will do

It’s Gucci wanna play with these boys

For real?

I think 2 times before

you gotta mic?

Lol if it was a 3pt spammer then probably was me haha.

Yeah send when ready

I’m ready

Might have :eyes:

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I’m always down like China Town.

Everyone on PS4, please add me. My PSN is the same as my username.

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