PS4: Draft Evo is broken or what?

I cannot get James Wisemaan past Sapphire. I know I got 8 rebs and 9 points in the paint. Is there some sort of trick to this? Or are the Evoss just broken?

there are restrictions for the mode you can do it in.
didnt had wiseman but i think for him it was unlimited

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Yes, unlimited was required


no problem for helping you bro… imao

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He’s a beast at ruby.

I’m having a hard time getting fast break points to trigger for Dani. I might just buy an evolved sapphire or riby

thanks man. I actually. sold him after a couple of tries of getting him evoed. I am no good at Unlimited!

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I was able to evo him in unlimited. Sure, I lost the game 86-43 but I got him evolved lol.

Dont be too hard on yourself with this one. Wiseman is bad card as a Sapphire and once these morons find out what you want to do its even worse! I also needed 2 attempts. One game ended with him missing 1 rebound lol. At the end wasnt even worth it but since it was an OO card of mine I thought I get him at least to Ruby.