[ps4] Do you have Frobe with curry 3?

Looking for a 97 Bryant with hightop Curry and diamond contract. Anyone have this card sitting, unused?

You miss him?

Hell yes!

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I did have him once upon a time. That in no way helps you, unfortunately.

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Red Kyries are better on him. 86 BC is a travesty.

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Exactly, I used one without a shoe and he got stripped too much. Red Kyries/ Grey Kobes (on the 98) are a must though.

My favorite card in the game. I upgraded to he 98 with the same shoe. Not the same. Sorry that doesn’t help you either haha

Yeah I prefer the swb boost and the 3pt boost. The Curry’s are tough on him.

Yah 99 swb and acceleration with all 99 3 point, and that Frobe swag. Tough to beat

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