Ps4 diamond thompson

Anybody has a diamond klay thompson on ps4 and wants to sell him? In case, how much mt do you ask for him?

I bought mine for 100k and sold him for 100k. after 10 or so games with him there is ZERO difference between the ruby even with the Duo. if you slap a a gold anta on him his shooting stats are the same. I love Klay he’s my favorite current warrior. I was very disappointed on this card.

I think you’re talking about the amy one! I’m searching for the diamond one but there aren’t on auction house

haha yeah he turns into a diamond with the duo. they look pretty similar in term of ratings.

Ahahah i understand… so why you say he was disappointing?

there was no difference in the feel to me. he has some upgrade stats but didn’t I feel them. with a shoe the ruby is awesome. maybe it was equalizer. I played 10 games with him. he averaged around 10 a game off the bench. I go.back to the ruby and he averaged 18 in the same amount of time. crazy. I figured I’d get my answer 100k back and build elsewhere.

I understand… however i’m serching for a solid 3&D guy and i wanted to try him, so i’ll keep searching ahah. Anyway, thank you for your advice!

I’m telling you guys try any Green way better

I had him and he was amazing but now i want to try diamond klay as long as his price shouldn’t be really high

I’m going to give him a try.

Diamond Klay is fucking awesome! I’d love to have him back.

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How much is he going for?

Still searching for diamond klay, someone is selling him?

Why diamond? The amy is the same. Price difference is at least 100k in favour of the Amy one.

I don’t mind 100k difference. I want diamond klay cause i want to make a full diamond team with my favourite players, however it’s really hard to find him on the ps4 AH