PS4 Diamond Shoes Sale New Shoe added Grey and Yellow Kobe AD! added today 6/18 Kobe ad sold. others still available

Nike Foamposite one weather man

+9 in Hands, Lat Quickness, Pass perception, reaction time, and steal.

Adidas Crazy Explosive

+9 in Contact Dunk, def rebound, off rebound, standing dunk, and strength.

Grey and yellow Kobe AD +9 ball control. mid move, 3pt move, speed, and speed with ball.

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I’d be interested for sure but I want it for an Amy.

Would like to have the first one on PD KD…but I’m not on PS4

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I have that exact shoe on mine. Good choice!!

still have these shoes if anyone is interested.

Figure out a way to get the second shoe on my PD Magic and I’d give you 200k.

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lol I wish I could Haha

It’ll be even tougher since I’m Xbone. I’ll make it 250k :joy:

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new shoe added the list guys

Kobe ad sold.

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