(PS4) Diamond Magic, Diamond Wade, & Diamond 97 Kobe - All with Diamond Contracts & Diamond Shoes

Diamond Magic w/ Diamond Contract & Diamond Red Jordan Super.Fly 5 - 100K Starting Bid/4 Hours

Jordan Super.Fly 5 (Red):
+9 Standing Layup
+9 Standing Dunk
+9 Driving Dunk
+9 Contact Dunk
+9 Stamina

Diamond Wade w/ Diamond Contract & Diamond Red Kyrie 3 - 100K Starting Bid/4 Hours

Kyrie 3 (Red):
+9 Ball Control
+9 Hands
+9 Contested 3
+9 Off-Dribble 3
+9 Open 3

Diamond 97 Kobe w/ Diamond Contract & Diamond Grey/Yellow Kobe A.D. Mid - 100K Starting Bid/4 Hours

Kobe A.D. Mid (Grey/Yellow):
+9 Ball Control
+9 Off-Dribble Mid
+9 Off-Dribble 3
+9 Speed
+9 Speed with Ball

It’s nice to see a really well formatted and comprehensively detailed Classifieds listing.

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Less than 1 hour left.

Less than 10 minutes left to bid on these beastly cards! If you want Magic this dunking monster won’t let you down! If you want Wade he’s lights out from deep with the Red Kyries!. 97 Kobe with the Grey/Yellow Kobe A.D.'s is practically unstoppable!

How much are they at?

Magic - 146,650 (2 Minutes Left)
Wade - 175,050 (4 Minutes Left)
Kobe - 100,050 (4 Minutes Left)

Okay, would be a good price for Kobe but looking for him with a bit different shoe.

All good. Kobe’s up to 133K now. I’m honestly surprised that nobody’s bidding on Magic though. I seen one with no contract and no shoes go for ~200K earlier.

Really? Damn I’m looking for Kobe and can’t seem to get him as I hoped his price to stay lower. I’ll just have to wait for the next crash. Under 150k seems like a pipe dream lately.

Yeah I actually thought Kobe was gonna go for less. 97 Kobe with the Grey/Yellow shoes doesn’t usually go for more than 120K even though it’s a great card.