Ps4 clutch closers durant

My 98 durant is up on the AH, 40 mins left still 110k. He has 47 contracts, if somebody is interested he is near the end of the auction

Hate to say it, but you’re likely going to take a fat L on this one. Not enough people are awake right now.

This happened to me like 2 months ago with my Diamond Vince. He was completely badged-out (Gold rim protector, Dimer, defensive stopper, etc.), had a Diamond contract and the best Diamond defensive shoe. He sold at like 6-7 AM during a weeknight for 160K… Base ones with no badges, shoes or contracts were going for 250K, MINIMUM at the time. I was expecting 300Kish, but literally only got half of that.

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Damn! Hope is bid will rise…

That’s all you really can do. I learned to never have high-end card’s auctions end from 12am-12pm. The best window is 5-11 (with the ideal sweet-spot being about 8-9pm, EST) on Fridays and Saturdays.

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What did it end at

Sadly only 180k…

Seems like an L but with that pd only like 260 isn’t that about what you’re gonna get

Is it me or did they nerf this KD after the PD came out? I’m missing so many open looks that used to be money before the new one came out.

Not for me he still my starting PF and a God

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Luckily i got the pd whit diamond contract for only 245k

Which system?

I had him at SF so maybe if I switch it up and put him at the 4 it’ll make a difference.

He fits really well at the 4. The trailing 3s are money.

I’ll give it a shot. I was running Hakeem at the 4 with Kareem at the 5 but got rid of KAJ just now. I also just picked up Dr. J. with Curry highs so I’ll slot him at the 3 and KD at the 4 with Hakeem, Clyde and LeBron.