PS4 classic, exclusive titles

What are some of the classics

Like god of war 4, last of us, etc. Was thinkin of buying The Last of Us and playing that through again

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Is it worth running through the older ones or are they a little too dated

Very long and bogged down with cover based shooting. Definitely a good universe they built, just takes so much to slog through more than once.

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Havent played the newest god of war so just bought that. Always been one of my favorites

I know my brother has resident evil biohazard but i am not nearly man enough to play that game so fucking scary lol

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I have no idea tbh lol I just remember those games because I never played them

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Metal gear solid 5 is like… top 5 games all time.


Bought it on Xbox when it first came out, made it to the part where you got on the ship, and there was this one jumpscare where I just paused the game and closed app. Straight up told Xbox support that the game was too scary and to give me my money back.

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New good of war is way different than old but honestly the rpg/story is way better than the old hack and slash style like in1-3

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MGSV is kind of trash in terms of story.

(Coming from a huge MGS Fan, I think it’s the best series of all time)

But the gameplay is stealthgame orgasm, so fun, endless replayability.

Uncharted bruh. I’m replaying all of them rn they’re fire

The first one was kinda trash cuz it’s so dated but the second one has been good so far. I’m not tryna play the 4th without playing the first 3

Bloodborne was very good if you like those kinda games

Blood borne hard as shit


Playing through GoW4 right now

@Awanz youre more brave then me. I physically cant bring myself to play it. I watched some gameplay on YT thats it lol

Today is a good day to start GOW, this one’s for you @ddrop!

Middle Earth games are fun as hell. The combat system is so dope. Endless ways to slaughter orcs. Spider-Man is hella fun, finally a truly enjoyable and gorgeous marvel game. The Uncharted series. Battlefield 1 has the dopest, most fun war campaign of any war game ever. Hmm, Batman Arkham Knight. GTA V. There’s a laundry list but these are some epic games now with replayability.

Damn, you did ask for classics. I gave you a mix of new and old lol.

Ohhh shit i forgot about spoderman. Im def playing that after gow. Maybe ill dabble with metal gear after that

Yeah I want to pickup a copy of MGSV as well. Anyone play Division 2 yet?