PS4 - Cards wanted

Looking at a few cards for some obvious duos.

Worthy with Off Dribble Shoe/Currys.-
Magic Diamond - With currys -
Pippen Amy with Curry highs - 18k
Dray with Off Dribble Shoe - 30k
JR - 10k with defensive shoe
Melo - 22k with badges and Defensive shoe
Klay - 20k badged out with posterisor and Dimer.

Open to offers but wont be on for a few hours to do so.

Pm me I have the worthy w/ Curry’s

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Bump! Might be able to offer a bit more on some of the cards depending on badges and shoes. PM

I have Diamond Magic with Currys (don’t know if High or low though) and diamond contract.

If you can let me know your price I’ll see if I can make it work, I know people value the diamond contract a lot so price might be a bit more then I can spend on it

I am not home for at least 12 hours. I don’t know for how much he is going for. But I would say Diamond Currys and Diamond contract add at least 30k of value imo.

I do agree with you on the value, but I was budgeting around the 20ish mark for it as the pink diamond u can get for 30ish

Np. Good luck finding him. I’ll keep mine for the Worthy duo then. No reason to sell for 20k for me.

I don’t blame you, I’ll try my best to snipe one but it’s definately a card to keep and try the duo.

Only need that
Any body have these cards? Might be able to sort out a good deal depending on badges

Down to my final 3 cards needed below and what I would pay.

Dray badged out with grey Kobe’s - 45k
Cousins with grey Kobe’s - 60k
Embiid with adidas speed shoe 80k.
Klay with dimer and posterior - 30k

Negotiable depending on offer

That Cousins will be way more expensive (I suppose you are searching 97 Cousins). I know at least 3 guys including me who are searching that card for weeks now. If someone decides to sell him I wouldn’t be surprised to see him go for 200k+.
Good luck though getting him for 60k. That would be one hell of a steal.

Yeah both him and embiid I couldn’t picture going for that price but would love to have them to try them at the potential. I did get a badged out cousins today tho. Surprised no one has this green for sale! Lol

I have Green but i paid almost 200k back in the day. Not selling for 40 or 50k now that he gets such great boost.

55k? Lol yeah I remember the few that bought him and how great he was with the shoe

Not interested in MT, sorry. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Still have 600k, over 1.000 Gold shoes to sell and no one buys MT anymore.

Damn!! I’m way behind you on this lol I’m building my collection up haha