[PS4] BigDan’s 12-0 MyTEAM Unlimited Service *Well Trusted, 200+ Vouches, Fair Priced, Reputable & Reliable!*

Offering a top of the line MyTEAM Unlimited Player Of The Month 12-0 service for PS4! I fully intend on building a great reputation, reliability & becoming one of the most trusted people within the 2KGamer community.

PS4 MyTEAM Unlimited 12-0 Service:

  • Reputable, Reliable & Trusted

  • Very Fast (Within 2-3 hours but depending on how many orders I get, customers will be reserved a spot. No longer than 48 hours turnaround time if I have a lot of orders in which I guarantee completion!)

  • If you don’t have a good team at all, usually a balance of 10-15k MT will be enough to put together a solid team for the 12-0 run

  • Vouches from previous satisfied customers are within this thread!

  • Pricing is fair & affordable!

Payment Methods:

  • PayPal (Sent as friends & family)

  • Venmo

  • Google Pay

  • CashApp

  • SquareCash


  • Send me a PM here for details and any questions/inquiries you may have! You can also message me directly in other ways as well.

  • Twitter - @BigDan2KGaming

  • Reddit - /u/BigDan8

I’m looking forward to helping anybody who is interested!

Thank You!


Alright ya’ll, listen up - while you’re all disappointed in the MJ locker code, let me tell you something - @BigDan8 is the man.

He got me my 12-0 done, and did not mess with anything on my account.

It was my first time entrusting my account to someone, but I’m super happy to say it all went smooth. He was messaging me periodically updating me with what’s going on.

I’ve sold MT, bought MT, and interacted with a ton of you on this website. Check my profile - been here since April 2018.

You can trust BigDan to take care of your 12-0 needs, even though he hasn’t posted a lot here. Great price, and fast too. Hit him up and get your Wilt!


Huge mf vouch for Dan. If you’re like me, you get damn close to going 12-0 and lose to a Wade PNR cheeser. No way i was finna start over after that. This is my first time copping that 12-0 and let me tell y’all this man is LEGIT. Negotiated price, communicated throughout the process, finished in a couple hours and everything. Please don’t stress yourself out this month and hit his PM’s


Already in line :raising_hand_man:t6:

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@BigDan8 was going to do this run for me but I was able to get through the sweat and got wilt myself. Bumping this because he was genuine when talking to and answered all my questions. If it’s this sweaty next. Month, I’ll definately be using his services


Price on ps4?

I sent pm

this was my first time using this website y’all so I asked a lot of people to do my 12-0 and not one of them responded the same day except my guy @BigDan8, he replied me in like 2 minutes and had my 12-0 started in less then 10 min and got it done within 3 hours. which is really quick tbh, his price is better then fair its pretty good compared to others and he will talk you through the whole process,
I RECOMMEND AND VOUCH MY GUY @BigDan8 I was his first customer ill most likely be returning for the next month 12-0, hope y’all choose him


Vouch, did the whole run, glitched out of Wilt, got it on video, then offered to help later if things don’t work.
He’s a real one.


Big vouch for my guy. Got this sweat done over night. Call him Santa Claus cause I woke up this morning with Wilt in the lineup.



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I sent you a PM @Hickross1822

Great communication throughout the process, trusted and reliable service / seller. Thanks!


Pm you

Everybody, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with so many orders. I’m going to try my best to be more organized and not take on so many orders at one time which could ruin my reputation by not completing them within an acceptable amount of time. Other than that, I’ve had successful runs for several people and will love to help with future orders as well!


What an awesome guy! Done really quickly. Will always talk to him first if I ever wanted to go 12-0 again.

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Vouch & legit, shout out for running that 12-0 for me!

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Hi, price?

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