PS4 Beware the sweaties are out

Ran into a all PF and Center team then I’m up by 15 guy off balls traps reach slams zig zag I’m missing open threes and he wins then calls me a pussy for putting Giannis at the 5 cause he’s off balling.


Played 3 super sweats today myself. Only lost one, but that’s because I didn’t feel like dealing with that shit. I already have White Chocolate, so I’m just grinding for tokens and packs.

Same I need 54 for wilt

All day Sweat on PS4 :rofl:

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I have Wilt, but I’m grinding for Worthy, or maybe a new drop. Packs are for, hopefully, new cards towards GO Giannis.

I can’t get one good on ball d game soon as I go up it’s a sweat fest lmao

Everyone is grinding hard bro it is a slug fest :rofl:
All the Cheese overflowing

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Yo man I really don’t get it guysbwith PD JR and both Opals can’t guard on ball smh 2k community is pathetic. Why do people buy a game and only play half of it then you spend extra money and barely use the players

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Just got back from from class and job interviews. If I don’t need a shower after I get done playing tonight then I’m doing something wrong

Yi at the 2 and he lotterrally just came down and shot every time no matter if I jumped or not he made it. Smh