Ps4 auction house broke?

Is the market glitching out for anyone else right now?

oh shit ps4 players bid on expensive opals for cheap rn

What kind of glitches are you talking? Similar to Xbox with disappearing auctions?

Don’t play with my feelings rn


Yea it disappears and then it appears like 30sec after?

Is that what happened on Xbox

Nah, Xbox they were disappearing completely

I don’t see anything out of the norm

For me and my friends we seeing delayed snipes for 3:57min then we went on the 750 filter for a few refreshes it was fine not seeing anything then we see like 10 cards at the same time after that we refresh and they were all gone?

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I think 2K has been dicking around with the servers and the AH the last week or so to handle the extra load of players

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Is there a way I can clip this to show ya?

throw bids in pple

Trust I already got like 7

The system saves your filters a long while now and the AH seems to be overloaded when there are too many new cards and your filter is too ,extraordinary,… Have the same problem with all cards. The servers are lagging too. All that has influences on the ah.


How is this gonna work

The glitch has happened basically everywhere else already… idk know if this is it tho, I don’t see anything out of sorts

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Yeah I think this is a false alarm fellas

Ps4 players try the 750 filter is it glitched for ya?

I thinks it happening again