PS4 Anyone want to play some park EU

Don’t have the best of badges and far from a pro or expert of the game.
Just wanting to play park and learn more as i goand gain better knowledge and IQ
i have a PG build and a Big man so ill play on whatever you ask me to and any tips are always welcomed


What kind of big?

ive got a 91 Shooting glass lock
and working on a paint beast at the moment 88 rated

Sweet add me, Nocodreamsicle, I have a 2 way slashing pg

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Anyone Running park ??

I can play today evening, got a rebounding wing, can play big man or wing man

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Tomorrow I will play too

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awesome sounds perfect

Let’s play all three together guys

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Anyone want to run some park today in 1 hour?? I got a rebounding wing 90 ovr, can play 2 and 3.

Let me know! PS4 of course

I plan to play some park this evening, anyone wants to team up?

Think I’m gonna run some more park tonight, if anyone’s interested, hmu

…and again today in case someone wants to team up.
Sorry for spamming lol

Me! Are you in EU?

I will be out for some days , but new week I can play


I’m in the mood to grind new players or doing the vc glitch aha but I can play …
I’m start to get so bored , they should add more events and parks …
Sometimes I go stage but in EU it’s not a thing ,

Which players are you grinding now? Once I finish mine maybe I’ll start another, but if you don’t have any friends to regularly play with its hard to find a build that can play with randoms easily

I’d love to play stage tough

Yeah, EU.
Think I will be online from around 17:00 - 18:00 CET.

Ahh, I am still at work at this time… Do you play after dinner too?