Ps4 Anyone got Emerald Nash

Ps4 Anyone got Emerald Nash

So I can evolve him for my laker squad =]

I might mess around and buy the diamond. If so, I’ll throw up the Ruby for a snipe for you bro


He’s commonly available right? You’re just trying to get an EM for a low price because you are willing to do the EVO and don’t want to pay premium?

There weren’t any Emeralds up last night,

No Rubys for BIN, but I got the ruby for 10k last night lol

Nash - Cooper - Ceballos - AC Green - Wilt

Just gonna rock Lakers for solos this year

Ah okay. I have a Ruby and was at a point trying to evo.

If it fetches good price I guess I’ll sell. 10K or Ruby I think is good deal for time.

I once bought an Amy with contract for 28k!