[PS4] Anybody down for Friendlies tonight?

I’ll be on most of the night since the woman will be at work. Down to let my Jerry west do all your oversized PG’s like JCVD did this man:


Bring it…


As much as I love Bruce Lee and consider him the greatest martial artist ever, much of his actual martial arts career is undocumented and fictionalized. While he is no doubt talented, only vocal accounts of his run-ins with gang members in Honk Kong prove to be all that exist in terms of how deadly he was as a hand-to-hand fighter. JCVD on the other hand, is nowhere near known to be as talented as a multi-faceted martial artist (even though he was well trained in kickboxing, Karate, and Muay Thai) compared to Bruce Lee. However, he began fighting at 12 and has a 44-4 amateur record and 18-1 (all 18 were knockouts, thank you Wikipedia) professional kickboxing/full-contact Karate career. He also called it quits at 20 to pursue his acting career.

Nonetheless, I still think JCVD is one of the best “kickers” of all-time martial arts history – definitely the greatest on the silver screen.

JCVD was my action hero idol growing up.

There’s something about people getting round-house’d that’s just so entertaining lmao. Chuck Norris’ kicks are overrated. JCVD is the GOAT kicker.

Yea I’m down trying to try out new cards, on ps4

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Add me @ MichaelsDisciple – I’ll shoot you a message when I’m available to play!

JCVD’s kickboxing career is undocumented. Only think I’ve ever seen that’s relevant is him competing in full-contact points karate competitions.

And as dopey as his late career was, Chuck Norris was a legit Karate champion. Had an extensively documented, real run as a champion in full-contact competition. (Think still points-based, but also without gloves/headgear.)

Most likely, Chuck Norris’s competition record is a much more extensive version of what JCVD actually engaged in.

JCVD is definitely a better dancer, though.

By kickboxing career, I meant what he was able to do in contact Karate; his KBX artistry was somewhat transferable to Karate. And yes, he’s a great dancer. As far as Chuck goes, I’m not bashing him at all — he is a bonafide master martial artist. I just believe that JCVD is a better kicker. Not even Kickboxer (even though I made a parody post on the thread lol).

He throws pretty kicks for sure. But you can tell that his whole style, beyond theatricality, is about scoring points. Making fast contact and retracting.

So if that’s what you mean by “best kicks,” then sure, though if you take out visual aesthetics and go by points-scoring some random Olympic TKD competitor would light him up.


Completely agree. He’s honestly a bodybuilder who happened to have a successful amateur and professional contact- Karate career and is trained in MT and TKD.

Hopefully everyone knows my above reply is a joke lol.

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And an amazing actor/dancer.

Haha, okay. I imagined you were kidding. To even talk about any of these guys as fighters is fundamentally just lighthearted conversation.

For some reason, though, JCVD’s dopey backstory claims have always bugged me. Even back in his heyday, when I was just a teenager.

For me it’s the clouded and misreported nature of Bruce Lee’s career — bugged me a lot.

Yeah, I get that. Bruce Lee was a master martial artist. Not a combat sports competitor or even necessarily a teacher of a combat system.

Still, taken from the world too young.

I was so butt hurt when I discovered the Bruce Lee ping pong video was a hoax.

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