Ps4. Amy Pippen fully badged with 3pt and bc diamond shoe


I’m selling one of my best players.

Amy Pippen fully badged with diamond shoe. +9 all 3pt, +9 bc, +9 hands.
It’s up for 4 hours, 35000 bid 40000 BIN.

Amy Porzingis fully badged. 4 hours, 22050 bid 23050 BIN.

Hope someone need this cards.

C’moooon, I need the MT ASAP.

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Sry but that pippen is way overpriced. There is one worth 33k with red nikes and not selling


I see this days the same Pippen without badges for 45000k. Theres one right now with a not that good shoe and no badges for 48k.

I got Pip with Curry’s and badges for 20k today.

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The market is not same with no season rewards, selling stuff like this wont be easy mate, so good luck.

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I just need to sell this and I can afford a supreme Center. Kareem or PD Olajuwon.

Lower a price a bit and sell before crash.
Duo packs can and will kill market even more


Would PD Olajuwon drops to 50k?

No idea. We are just guessing if new cards and duos will drop, or just old ones. If new cards and duos like pd wilt/kareem, it might drop to 60 if it can be found for 80-90 now

Why would anyone buy that? Lol u can buy PDs for that price

Yep, I can buy 2 PD Lou Williams with the price of 1 97 LeBron. I’ll take Bron.

I have amy pippen with currys and i would never even bother trying to sell him for that price cuz it will never sell

I bought him for like 30k like more than a month ago

Ppl will rip packs to get rondo/oscars for kg/giannis. Even more if they drop some pd guys in packs like pd pippen or wilt

Man, I need the MT and I check the AH. Theres is a few Pippens in that range price.

It’s Porzingis overpriced to? I keep Pippen if not sell at this price or 45k, i like it so much. But Porzingis…

Corrected it a little.

They’re cheaper now. Pippen 34950 BIN, best in the AH. More cheap his bid is 29950. There is another one with the same shoe but not fully badged.

Everybody can be scared if I sell this and get in my hands that PD Olajuwon. I can win anyone in SM… if anyone plays it :thinking:

The thing with Amy pippen with currys is sometimes there isn’t any in the auction house, can sell for up to 50k maybe more but have to be patient

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